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Fast-track your entrepreneurial dreams into reality with ConsultUP, your trusted partner in the startup landscape. Our purpose is straightforward yet influential - to unlock the full potential of entrepreneurs and inspire change.

Entrepreneurship, we believe, is a powerhouse for opportunities and growth. Leveraging our proficiency in the Canadian startup visa program, ConsultUP is the prime choice for entrepreneurs aiming to establish their businesses in Canada.

Our in-depth understanding of the startup visa process ensures a seamless journey for entrepreneurs to be part of Canada's thriving startup ecosystem. With ConsultUP, expect unwavering support, tailored guidance, and the tools to create a lasting impact in the Canadian business arena. Experience the transformation with ConsultUP - your gateway to business in Canada.

Startup Visa Consultancy

Simplifying the intricacies of Canada's Startup Visa Program, providing expert navigation for entrepreneurs seeking a letter of support.

Innovation and Design Consultancy

Converting groundbreaking ideas into feasible products or services through brainstorming, prototyping, branding, and user experience design.

Business Immigration Solutions 

Holistic solutions for successful immigration, including business acquisition, regional consultancy, and viability assessments.

Startup Growth Consultancy

Customized strategies and robust support for businesses and individuals, fostering growth and success in the startup immigration landscape.


Canada's Startup Visa Program

An opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to establish their businesses in Canada's thriving startup ecosystem. At ConsultUP, we specialize in supporting entrepreneurs through every step of the program, leveraging our expertise and knowledge to ensure a seamless and successful application process.

With our in-depth understanding of the program's benefits and requirements, we guide entrepreneurs in developing their ideas, connecting with designated organizations, and obtaining the necessary support for their visa applications. Join us on this exciting journey to bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life in Canada.

1-Tailored Guidance and Support
2-Comprehensive Service Offering
End-to-End Solutions

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Business Solutions
for Immigrants

Assisting individuals and businesses in navigating the complex landscape of business immigration. Whether you're looking to relocate, expand, or establish a new business in Canada, our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way.

With our comprehensive suite of services, including market analysis, due diligence, regional consultancy, and business viability assessments, we provide tailored solutions to ensure informed decision-making and successful outcomes.

Trust us to be your strategic partner in achieving your business immigration goals and unlocking new opportunities in Canada's dynamic market.

Expert Guidance | Market Insights | Customized Solutions

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How We Help Immigration Consultants

We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by immigration consultants specializing in business immigration, and we are here to support you every step of the way. As a trusted partner, we provide tailored services designed specifically for immigration consultants and their clients.  

Our expertise in the Canadian startup visa program and business immigration allows us to offer accurate information, reliable resources, and a streamlined process to help your clients successfully apply for their residency and successfully set up and  run their business in Canada. Read More …

Our Partners

We showcase the collaborative spirit of ConsultUP by highlighting the diverse range of organizations, businesses, and individuals we have had the privilege of partnering with.


exclusively designed for immigration consultants like you. Here, you will find a comprehensive range of valuable resources tailored to support your expertise in business immigration and the Canadian startup visa program. Access case studies showcasing successful client outcomes, explore in-depth whitepapers that delve into key immigration topics, and stay up-to-date with the latest news and blog posts related to entrepreneurship and the startup ecosystem in Canada.

These resources are carefully curated to provide you with the information, insights, and tools you need to better serve your clients and stay ahead in the field of business immigration. Elevate your consulting services with our valuable resources and drive successful outcomes for your clients.